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Percentage Allocation Management Module, a PAMM account is a unique product that allows investors to earn without having to trade. You can invest in strategies owned by experienced traders who receive a percentage of the profits as a reward.


  • Opportunity to have an income without being an expert on FOREX and CFDs
  • Manager's remuneration is charged only in case of positive results
  • No one has the opportunity to withdraw funds other than the investor himself
  • Choosing between hundreds of Managers and investing in any number of PAMM


A PAMM account is the best way of making money all together. The concept is very easy, but most important is transparent: a trader (PAMM Manager) that already has an account with us decides to share his activity with the Community (PAMM Investor), and he/she gets remunerated only if there are profits following the High Water Mark (HWM) calculation.

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