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Our capital adequacy is 67,08%, eight times a broker regulated in the EU



Transparency, ethical practices and human support are core to what we do



Extra added security, we cover all our PAMM clients up to 100%

About the Zero Risk PAMMs

  • What is this Zero Risks about?
  • Every month we move the 15% of our profits generated from PAMM accounts to a segregated account named Safety Account.

  • Who is covered to the insurance?
  • All Empire Trading Clients connected to a PAMM.

  • How can I benefit from it?
  • We all know how difficult and risky trading online is, despite our effort to filter the best PAMM Managers we can't guarantee that you will be profitable at all times. However your protection agains big losses is now guaranteed: if you loose money on a PAMM account we will recover your loss up to 100%* using our Segregated Safety Account.

  • Does it cost me anything?
  • No, this insurance is totally on us and all our clients are covered.

  • Why do you offer such a good insurance?
  • At Empire Trading our management team is really experienced on this type of business. Unlike other conventional brokerage firms we don't use third party insurance companies because they will never cover a loss of trading, which is the most common reason why clients loose money. Therefore we did it ourselves for our customers, adding a layer of security that no-one in the world can offer.

  • How can you cover all clients?
  • One easy word: commissions. Our profit is based on the commissions generated from your trades. At today we have more than 400 PAMMs running on our platform and generating thousands of $ commission every day. As an offshore entity we can't spend money on marketing, therefore we decided to reinvest the budget into a Safety Account for you. This allow us to beat all our competitors, while they spend millions of $ for marketing purposes we save those money for your Safety and Security, offering a trading experience up to 0% risk*.

  • May I know how much is deposited into the Safety Account?
  • We will be more than transparent on this. Every month we will update an Official and Public Company Statement, always there for you 24/7, on our website. View the last Company Statement here: VIEW STATEMENT CERTIFICATE

*Based on the total amount of loss incurred from all PAMMs in the period, the Safety Account will be proportionally allocated to all Clients. Recover money are released when the PAMM Manager declares his inability to continue trading.